About Photographs

Optical accuracy should never be confused with truth. Photographs are always visual opinions. All photographs are made from narrow perspectives seen at privileged moments in time. But inadvertent fragments of the real world always leak into the photograph. (see meditations) These accidental inclusions are captured by the instinctive twitch of my shutter finger. They are the surprises that keep me engaged with my practice. I photograph to watch the duet between a fugative past and timeless present.

For the past forty years, I have carried a camera simply for the daily pleasure of remembering a transitory existance through photographs. Inevitably, themes and series have arisen. Some of these were the result of deliberate hunting; others the result of painterly construction. I work in a multitude of modes because the structures of my life change from day to day... travel produces different images than studio practice. Each camera imposes its own stylistic signature. I prefer expressive versatility to the severe quality restrictions dictated by modernist photography.

I have always been more concerned with making images than with making prints. Exhibition prints are magical vessels with their own purpose and place... but images, stripped of physicality, can travel faster and further in cyberspace. My enthusiasm with Internet publication stems from my fundamental belief that images are ideas... and shared ideas create social networks. Sometimes these conversations stimulate exhibition possibilities but they remain valuable for their own sakes regardless of their outcome. — David Hlynsky